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Black-led social change organizations receive a mere fraction of the funding their white-led counterparts receive, and we’ve got receipts to prove it. We’re challenging philanthropies to their part to equitably fund Black and People-of-color-led organizations and movements. Below is a list of resources that have informed our premise.

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We’re committed to elevating and building the capacity of Black-led agencies across the nation, that have been marginalized for far too long due to systemic racism and unconscious bias.

Join forces with us and make a gift. Your gift today will benefit Black-led agencies on the frontlines right now fighting inequity to improve conditions in Black communities. Your gift today helps to make their work, and our work possible.

Fundraising in Black® project founded by the Croom Institute for Fund Development & Social Change.  Your tax deductible gift will help advance our mission of transforming the fundraising capacity of Black-led agencies across the U.S.

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